Snow Reports

Jackson Hole Resort Comparison

As the late fall snowstorms roll in, the opening day lift lines form, children dream of a white Christmas and skiers plan their yearly trips, I engage in one more annual ritual - pouring over snow reports. I engage with the reports as if each might contain the magical code unlocking insight into where to be for the next big snowfall. Here are the best of the lot.

Snow-Forecast: While each ski resort globally has their own page dedicated to snowfall, Snow-forecast is invariable more accurate. The one error that they may be excused for is to often underestimate snowfall at higher altitude by about half. The graphical representations are wonderful.

Jackson Hole Resort Comparison (above): The cynical may argue Jackson publishes to brag of their dominance year over year, but it is a wonderful overview of the snowfall in the American Rockies.

NOAA Forecast: A wonderfully accurate general forecast for the United States by zip code.

Rockies Radar: Watch each weather system roll into the Rockies on radar.